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Picture of This Child of God - Revised Edition

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This Child of God - Revised Edition

This Child of God - Revised Edition offers support for the sleep-deprived parents of a newborn or for parents of very young children. Suggestions for prayers, including "noticing" prayers with the toddler. This booklet will help parents create their own traditions and connect what happens at home with what happens in church.

The original edition has been revised to include language more appropriate for Presbyterians, Methodists, and members of the United Church of Christ (among others). For example: the word "pastor" is used instead of "priest." The modifications were offered by Holly Inglis, Church Educator, Wellshire Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado.

This Child of God - Revised Edition - illustrated by Victoria Bergesen, 20-page booklet (4" by 5½").
A gift for the sleep-deprived Protestant parents of a newborn. 20 pages, 4" by 5½"

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