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Picture of I Am a Child of God

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I Am a Child of God

The perfect Baptism gift for an infant -- or for a young child at Baptism. The bright, two-color illustrations  engage even the youngest child. The booklet is printed on sturdy card stock to absorb much page turning as the child grows into the concepts of Baptism. It also makes a loving gift to the "older" sibling of the child being baptised - that is if that child is not yet 6 years old.

I am a child of God
- lively art by Victoria Bergesen - the 16-page, two-color booklet (4” by 5”).
This ones goes to the parents of the infant or to the young child at Baptism. Printed on sturdy cardstock, the booklet is 16 pages 4" by 5"

$4.50 (USD)
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