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Picture of Advent Spirals 2017

Advent Spirals 2017

pic Advent Spirals 2017 

For each week of Advent 2017 you will find: one page (8 1/2" by 11") in full color with suggestions for Getting Started, A Story, Some Things to Notice This Week, and Discussion Starters (for adults and older children). The page can go on the supper table — or wherever the family gathers to create their own Advent.

Advent Spirals could be used with a traditional Advent Wreath to set the mood. This set suggests the family consider using LED candles so they could be used at many times and in many settings and would enable even the youngest child to hold a candle.

Once you add these Spirals to your cart, you can download them for free at checkout. Print as many copies as you need. These come from Candle Press in gratitude for the privilege of serving over the years.

We are experiencing occasional glitches: If you are charged shipping (!) disregard it, you will not be charged. And if you have any trouble downloading these spirals, please email us:  and we will send them to you by e-mail. 

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December 3 - December 9 View
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December 10 - December 16 View
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December 17 - December 23 View
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