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Picture of Pew Papers - Set One

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Pew Papers - Set One

Pew Papers Set One  contains 4 separate sheets that can be printed, folded, and made available to the young child attending worship.

Pew Papers Set One  contains these topics:
        Why do I think we Pray?
        Why do I think we come to Church?
        Why do I think we have Communion?
        What are we praying in The Lord's Prayer?

The questions invite the child to wonder about what it is that we are doing and then illustrate the booklet in ways the child chooses. The entire inside is blank, creating space for more illustrations -- even if that means the child draws, well, whatever!

Obviously, you will be free to make as many copies as you choose for use in your church. Tuck the booklets in pew racks so the child will find them (a pencil needs to be handy). Give the Pew Papers to ushers to hand out, include a Pew Paper in the wonderful worship bags so many of you are creating, or just give them to parents of young children to give to the child when the child needs something to "do".

Pew Papers Set One - four pages: $10.00.  
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4 pages of downloadable content - these four "Booklets" (each is one sheet, 8 1/2" by 11") can be folded in half and then again to engage the young child attending our worship service.

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$10.00 (USD)

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