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Journey into Baptism

Journey into Baptism. 
Invites those seeking Baptism for themselves -- or as sponsor of another -- to explore what we promise and what we are promised at Baptism. Each section of the Service of Holy Baptism in the Book of Common Prayer is unpacked, and includes wondering questions for the reader. Beginning with some background on what Baptism is -- and is not -- the book explores the "Renounces" and the "Do you's", followed by Baptismal Covenant with its five powerful "Will you's", the Prayers for the Candidate, and on to the Baptism. 

A large church could use this book as the backbone of the Baptismal preparation they provide. Having purchased the book, they could then purchase the PDF version (with the entire book in five units) to make as many copies as they chose for their congregation. Purchasing the book and then the pdf would make it possible for people responsible for Baptism preparation who do not have the luxury of meeting regularly with the candidate to do excellent preparation. (The idea for this book came from a priest who does supply work - only in the church on Sunday. He asked if we had something that would help him. Now we do!)

Journey into Baptism. The 43 page book (5 1/2" by 8 1/2") has a full-color cover and black and white interior, elegant graphics designed by Victoria Bergesen make this a "must have" at $13.00 + shipping.

Journey into Baptism: $13.00 + shipping.

Journey into Baptism as a PDF: $10.00 (order by e-mailing which you can purchase once you have purchased the book. 

Helps the person seeking Baptism explore what we promise -- and are promised -- at Baptism.

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