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Picture of 2013 Lent Table Cards

2013 Lent Table Cards

2013 Lent Table Cards. Some parents may have fuzzy memories of Lent, giving up something and trying to feel holy. These cards invite families to find a little space in which to be together, notice what is already working for them, and choose to be intentional about who they are being called to be as individuals and as members of the family. Simple "props" (a flower pot, a tray, some plastic Easter eggs, for example) provide concrete, tactile opportunities for families to explore together what Lent 2013 means to them.

Below you can see the front and back of First Week in Lent:

Let's see: we will need sets to go home with children in our Sunday School. Maybe we will make them available where we serve coffee. They would make great little gifts for gorchildren -- or grandchildren.

2013 Lent Table Cards. Price $1.00 for one set - 95 cents each for 2 to 5 sets. Only 90 cents each for 5 or more sets. Plus Shipping.

Available to ship by January 14.
A set of 5 Lent Table Card Tents to go home with families to help them create their own tradition for Lent. The cards 3" x 6" each side only 90 cents each (+ shipping) when 5 or more sets are ordered

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