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Picture of Messages From the Bible

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Messages From the Bible

Messages From The Bible. This Story Book invites the child to imagine the settings of the stories: probably first told around a camp fire. The child is invited to explore the stories for what they describe and for what they might mean to us here, today. inside the full-color cover the stories and the graphic from the calendar are presented in black and white leaving the child free to color the graphics if they choose to do so.

Although the stories follow the Messages Advent Calendar, the stories indicate the place in the Bible the chald can find the rest of the story. Since the story book does not include the date that story corresponds to on the calendar, the book could be read at any other time of the year (during the long summer months? a vacation?).

Let's see: how many do I need to order? They would make great gifts for those times that seem to pop up on us as well as excellent Advent gifts for children, grandchildren - godchildren. The price goes down as I order ore than one.

Messages fron the Bible: Price: $3.50 each + shipping.
A story for each sticker of the Advent Calendar - written for older children inviting them to engage with the stories, asking their own questions about them. 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" only $3.50 each.

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$3.50 (USD)

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