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Picture of Messages - Advent 2012

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Messages - Advent 2012

Messages Advent 2012. This story book contains a one-page description of the story each of the stickers represents.Each page also contains a graphic (the same graphic as on the calendar stickers -- only this time in black and white whichillustrates the story. Some children may want to color the graphics. The beginning reader can read the story to the family (with an occasional assist on "hard" words like Shiphrah or Bethlehem).

Messages - Advent 2012
can stand alone, but goes well with the Messages Advent Calendar.

Let's see: how many do I need to order? The book would be an excellent gift for a child, grandchild or godchild. It would also make a great unit for Advent in Sunday School.

Messages - Advent 2012. Price $3.50 each + shipping.
Story Book that follows the stickers on the Advent Calendar --for the beginning reader. 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" 28 pages: $3.50 each.

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$3.50 (USD)

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