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Picture of Messages Advent Calendar - 2012

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Messages Advent Calendar - 2012

Messages Advent Calendar - 2012. Amid the busyness of our lives, this Advent Calendar invites the child to spend a few minutes each day in Advent with one of the timeless stories from the Bible, celebrating Advent amid counting down the days until Christmas. Each sticker represents a story from Creation right up to the birth of Jesus. Each square on the calendar includes the Bible citation the sticker represents. Older children can look upf the passage in the Bible; younger children will be content to lick and stick the sticker on the calendar - one each day.

Let's see: what do I need? For the children - the grandchildren - the godchildren? (The price goes down as I order more.) Wouldn't it be great to have one in each Sunday School classroom?

Messages Advent Calendar - 2012. Stickers created by Victoria Bergesen. The card-stock calendar is 17" by 11" and each sticker 2"  square - except for the one for Christmas Day which is 4" by 2".

Price $4.00 US+ shipping.

Full-color stickers the child can lick and stick on a calendar that takes the child through Advent. The 11" by 17" calendar only $4.00 each.

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$4.00 (USD)

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