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Summertime - To Go

Summertime - To Go: Four units we can send to families to help them explore messages they can find in four of the sections of the Gospel of Mark that we will hear this summer. Unit One has an assortment of experiences that seeds provide. Unit Two takes the story of Jesus calming the storm, helping families appropriate ways to manage the stress of fear. Unit Three explors healing. Unit Four reminds us that we have each other.

Summertime -  To Go: Order online,using your credit card, and within 24 hours the unit will show up in the inbox of your e-mail.

Summertime -  To Go: Price: $10.00. Scroll down to Custom Set if you would like to order any three sets for $27.50.
We can serve families during the summer even if they show up at church less frequently. We can help them stay connected to us using these To Go units.

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