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Picture of Pentecost Cycle B

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Pentecost Cycle B

Pentecost  - To Go
: Four one-page units help the family at home to spend a little more time with the four rich passages we hear read in church on Pentecost. In the Acts Unit, families can explore a description of the disciples' experience of receiving the power of the Holy Spirit and what it continues to mean to us. The Unit on the Gospel of John offers more ways to consider aspects of the Holy Spirit. The Ezekiel Unit shows an ancient experience of trust in the spirit. The Romans Unit explores how hope sustained the disciples and is there for us, also.

Pentecost - To Go: Order online using your credit card and within 24 hours it will show up in your e-mail inbox and you will be free to use it as your choose in your congregation. You could e-mail the entire set all at once - or in sections as you choose. It can also be printed out and given to members of your congregation. Your choice!

Pentecost -  To Go: Price: $10.00. Scroll down to Custom Set and order any three To Go sets for only $27.50.

* To-Go Sets
The Scripture readings for Pentecost are the same for all three Cycles. This set is labeled Cycle B, but could be used in any year.

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$10.00 (USD)