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Our Scrap Book - To Go

Our Scrap Book - To Go. What if we showed families -- at home -- a way to "drop in" on four passages in the Bible: our family scrapbook? What if we provided suggestions for activities that help them see how "them, there, then" can speak to "us, here, now?"

Order Our Scrap Book- To Go online, charging your credit card, and within 24 hours Our Scrap Book - To Go will arrive by
e-mail for you to send to the families in your congregation.

Price: $10.00 for Our Scrap Book - To Go -- $27.50 for any three sets: use the "Custom Set below to order any three.
A quick sprint through the Bible can help a family at home get a grasp of the sweep of the Bible and perhaps interest them in checking out more of it.

$10.00 (USD)