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Picture of Creation - To Go

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Creation - To Go

Creation - To Go. Looking at the first Chapter in the Book of Genesis, families can consider the poetic account of creation to see what it invites them to do as co-creators with God. How does what we find there invite us to be as stewards of our planet?

Families can choose from activities that make suggestions for caring for our planet and the creatures that share it with us, develop strategies to improve our stewardship of these resources, or select activities that are just plain fun to do.

These units can go home by e-mail or even by mail -- especially this summer when people have more opportunities to be outside.

Order Creation - To Go using a credit card, and it will arrive in your e-mail inbox within 24 hours. Then you are free to use it in your church as many times as you choose.

Creation - To Go: $10.00. Order three separate To Go units, using the Custom Set box at the bottom of the third page (scroll all the way down to find it) and the price for the three sets is only $27.50
Stories in Genesis invite families to explore the wonders of our planet, plants and creatures, and our opportunities.

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