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Candle Press offers resources for Advent, Lent and Summertime.


pic ADVENT - the four weeks preceding Christmas - provide families the opportunity to find some precious time for themselves to get ready for Christmas and to look again at what the gift of Christmas could mean in the way they live their lives. CANDLE PRESS offers resources to help families.
Light a Candle Light  a Candle – Currently out of stock.
Light a Candle  ADVENT SPIRALS - is a set of four downloadable pages - one for each week of Advent - created anew each year. The Spirals are offered at no charge as a gift from Candle Press. The 2017 set will be available in mid October. 



LENT - the five weeks before Holy Week - is traditionally a time for Christians to get ready for Easter by checking out any changes they might choose to make in the way they are living their lives. 

CANDLE PRESS has resources to help families at home.

Through The Cross THROUGH THE CROSS - a booklet that helps families with young children make the transition from Palm Sunday to Easter - can be ordered any time of the year. Learn more.
Lenten Gift  LENTEN GIFT is five pages - one for each week in Lent - to help families at home look at the Gospel for that Sunday and see what it might be saying to them as they live out their lives. The Lent 2018 set will be available by the end of this year and will be downloadable at no charge.



SUMMERTIME - Families often go off on a well-deserved vacation. OUR TIME - THE FAMILY VACATION is a set of little cards to pull out when the child whines: "Are we almost there, yet?" The set is available for sale all year long.

Lenten Gift Our Time – The Family Vacation – 16 little cards for those times the seat-belted child (in the car or on a plane) whines: “Are we almost there yet?” Learn more.





Advent Spirals 2017

Picture of Advent Spirals 2017

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