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Advent Spirals 2016 - Four pages - one for each week of Advent. Available Now! Download them at no charge. Simply add them to your cart, and download them at checkout. Make as many copies as you want.

Light a Candle - a booklet to take families through a simple way to observe Advent in their homes.

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A Gift from Candle Press

Picture of A Gift from Candle Press
Our gift to you for Advent 2015

$0.00 (USD)

Advent Spirals 2016

Picture of Advent Spirals 2016
An Advent gift for you and your families from Candle Press

$0.00 (USD)

Light a Candle

Picture of Light a Candle
Helping families create their own Advent around their version of an Advent Wreath.

$2.00 (USD)