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Twenty One Sets Available now:

picTo Go - for families with young children to use at home

Sent from you – by e-mail - or printed out to give to them.

Each set contains four, one-page units. You can send all the pages at once, or over a period of time that works for you and for them.

Families at home - at time convenient to them - pick and choose which activities work for them. They will explore together what they believe, how they choose to live their lives -- and ways to just have some fun.

Here is an actual page -- from Easter - the Season -- to give you an idea of what the pages look like.pic


Order online, charge using your credit card (or your PayPal account), and within 24 hours your order will arrive, via e-mail, ready for you to dispatch.

Order one set for $10.00. Order any 3 sets for $27.50. Scroll all the way to the end to find the

Custom Set.

  • Summertime - To Go
  • Creation
  • Grace at Meals
  • Baptism
  • Eucharist
  • Our Space
  • Praying Together
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Stewards
  • Our Scrap Book
  • Hebrew Scriptures
  • Good News
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas - the Season
  • Epiphany - the Season
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Easter the Season
  • Pentecost
  • No School Today
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Custom Set

Summertime - To Go

Picture of Summertime - To Go
We can serve families during the summer even if they show up at church less frequently. We can help them stay connected to us using these To Go units.

$10.00 (USD)

Creation - To Go

Picture of Creation - To Go
Stories in Genesis invite families to explore the wonders of our planet, plants and creatures, and our opportunities.

$10.00 (USD)

Grace at Meals - To Go

Picture of Grace at Meals - To Go
Souls long to pray; words may not show up. Help families express their thanks for the food on the table and the blessings in their lives.

$10.00 (USD)

Baptism - To Go

Picture of Baptism - To Go
Elegant phrases are offered at a Baptism -- but what do the words mean? Families can poke through the service to find meanings that nourish them.

$10.00 (USD)

Eucharist - To Go

Picture of Eucharist - To Go
Tactile projects help families grasp what is going on during Eucharist (Holy Communion) so the service will have more meaning.

$10.00 (USD)

Our Space - To Go

Picture of Our Space - To Go
TV, DVD, YouTube, text messages! Families can reclaim their homes for conversation, projects, and being there for each other.

$10.00 (USD)

Praying Together - To Go

Picture of Praying Together - To Go
We can help families build on the two most basic prayers: "Please!" and "Thank you!" by helping them create their very own prayers.

$10.00 (USD)

The Lord's Prayer - To Go

Picture of The Lord's Prayer - To Go
Families at home can unpack the rich concepts in this prayer that is so familiar. We can help them make it also understandable.

$10.00 (USD)

Stewards - To Go

Picture of Stewards - To Go
Bible stores and tactile projects can help families figure out what it is to be "stewards" in the family and in the community.

$10.00 (USD)

Our Scrap Book - To Go

Picture of Our Scrap Book - To Go
A quick sprint through the Bible can help a family at home get a grasp of the sweep of the Bible and perhaps interest them in checking out more of it.

$10.00 (USD)

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