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A Baptism, whether a tiny infant, a reticent toddler, a young child, or an adult is
an occasion of great delight. Candle Press has resources to help you celebrate.

Journey into Baptism

Picture of Journey into Baptism
Helps the person seeking Baptism explore what we promise -- and are promised -- at Baptism.

$13.00 (USD)

Celebrating Baptism

Picture of Celebrating Baptism
Celebrating Baptism makes a perfect gift for godparents, parents, or even grandparents at the baptism of a child. 32 pages, 5½" by 8½"

$7.00 (USD)

I Am a Child of God

Picture of I Am a Child of God
This ones goes to the parents of the infant or to the young child at Baptism. Printed on sturdy cardstock, the booklet is 16 pages 4" by 5"

$4.50 (USD)

Baptism Certificates

Picture of Baptism Certificates
Certificates, suitable for framing, to celebrate a Baptism. Pack of 5 certificates: each 11" by 14"

$6.00 (USD)

Called by Name (for children)

Picture of Called by Name (for children)
Baptism explored by the child (ages 6 to 12) invites the child to interact with the booklet. 20 pages, 7" by 7"

$6.00 (USD)

Called by Name (for Mentors)

Picture of Called by Name (for Mentors)
Helps guide the mentor of the child working with the Called by Name child's book. 20 pages, 5½" by 8½"

$5.00 (USD)

Baptism Cards Designed by Victoria Bergesen

Picture of Baptism Cards Designed by Victoria Bergesen
Perfect at a Baptism or to celebrate the anniversary of a Baptism. 4 cards (2 designs) with envelopes - the cards are 4½" by 5½"

$7.00 (USD)