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Picture of Celebrating Baptism

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Celebrating Baptism

Celebrating Baptism. Inviting parents, godparents -- even grandparents -- of a child being baptized to continue to celebrate the child, the baptism, and the abundance of God's grace through the years and even across the miles that often separate godparents from their godchild.

The cover is now in full color, painted by Victoria Bergesen; the book now printed in black on white paper-- the graphics now significantly more crisp. Blank pages in the center for photos of the baptism or even of the church, accompany the suggestions (not "shoulds") to help the readers fulfill the vows and take the journey in faith with the child.

Celebrating Baptism - elegantly illustrated by Victoria Bergesen, a 32 page booklet (5½" by 8½").
Celebrating Baptism makes a perfect gift for godparents, parents, or even grandparents at the baptism of a child. 32 pages, 5½" by 8½"

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