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At Candle Press we produce resources
for families with young children
and for those who minister to these families.

Lent Cards - 2015 are in-house and ready to ship.  Come in and browse around! 

Check out: Journey into Baptism new to Candle Press.

Children come equipped to approach life with awe and wonder. Parents long to engage the natural curiosity of children while helping them participate in worship. The resources of Candle Press can help families explore: what we believe about baptism, what we are doing at Holy Communion, observe Advent and Lent and much more. 

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Come in and browse around. We can usually get orders on their way in 24 hours.

We look forward to serving you.



Baptism Resources

Baptism gifts for godparents or parents, as they celebrate the Baptism. We carry Baptism cards and Certificates to help mark the occasion.

Click here to learn more.

eucharist resources

Eucharist Resources

Booklets to help adults explore what Eucharist means to them and to their children. Families then can more fully engage with the Eucharist.

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eucharist resources

New! for Baptism

A guidebook for those seeking Baptism or for those who will sponsor a candidate. Go to the Baptism tab and it will take you to the full description.

Journey into Baptism.